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How to Make Photo Slideshow with Music

It is easy and fast to make a slideshow of your favorite photos using Photo DVD Burner Professional. However, if you'd like to make the slideshow more attractive and emotional, you may as well learn about how to set background music for it. Sometimes, adding a single piece of your favorite music to the slideshow makes a world of difference.

In the first step of "Organize Photos", go to the "Transition & Music" tab to set background music for your photo album.

create photo slideshow with music

Select one album from the left "Album" panel. Click the "Add" button to import one or several songs from your computer hard drive into the "Background music" panel, where you will see the total length of the music.

Photo DVD Burner Professional only accepts music files in mp3, wma or wav format as background music. If you want to add iTunes m4p/aac/m4a or DRM protected wma music files, you may get TuneClone Audio Converter to convert the music first.

Make photo slideshow with music

Then in the "Album settings" area, you can check the audio duration and slideshow duration as well. If the audio duration is shorter than slideshow duration, you may tick the "Loop audio" option in the "Background music" area or continue adding songs to the album.

Note: If you don't want to loop the audio, you need to know that it is very difficult to make the audio duration exactly match the slideshow duration. In this case, it is recommended that you click the button next to "Audio Duration" to match slideshow to audio duration.

add background music to photo slideshow

If there's only slight difference between slideshow duration and audio duration, you can choose to lengthen or shorten the photo duration or transition duration for several photos.

If you don't want to set the whole song as the background music, you can click the "Trim" button to get the specific part of the music. In the "Trim Audio" window, you can click the "Start to trim" and "Stop to trim" button to clip the audio file during the playback.

make photo slideshow with background music

Photo DVD Burner Professional also allows you to extract tracks from an audio CD as background music for the slideshow. You just insert the audio CD into the disc drive, and then click the "Ripper" button to go to the "Import Audio CD Tracks" window.

create photo slideshow with background music

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