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Top 10 Reasons to Make a Photo Slideshow

A Scrapbook Slideshow

For avid scrapbookers and creative types, photo slideshow software allows you to create photo slideshows replete with digital scrapbooking elements such as clipart, embellishments and text captions. Additionally, the ability to add music or sound clips kicks it up a notch from the standard digital scrapbook.

Birthdays - Showcase

Whether you're celebrating a ninth or 90th birthday, a photo slideshow is an entertaining yet heartfelt way to celebrate the birthday honoree. A slideshow can also function as a point of interest for party guests.


Photo slideshows are often played during wedding receptions, showcasing the lives and eventual courtship of the bride and groom. The slideshow can serve as an interesting focal point as guests mingle during the reception or be an actual part of the wedding program.

Commemorate Other Special Events

Picture slideshows are suitable to commemorate any special occasion in your life. From graduations to holidays or even the first day of school, create a slideshow that lets you relive your most special moments anytime you want.


Once used to prevent screen burn-in on certain types of computer monitors, modern technology has rendered screensavers unnecessary. However, they can still be used for visual appeal when your computer's locked or in sleep mode. Most slideshow software applications have an option to directly publish your custom slideshow as a screensaver.

Business Presentations

Photo slideshows are an impactful way to present information in a business setting. They constitute a multimedia platform that's easy to use and can make any presentation more organized, on-topic and aesthetically appealing.

Website Promotion

If you have a website for your business, add a custom slideshow that highlights your products or services. They are visually appealing and interesting for site visitors and can lend your site a polished, professional appearance.

Memorial Tribute

Create a picture slideshow as a memorial tribute for a loved one who's passed on. It constitutes a poignant and personal way to celebrate his or her life and memory.


Similar to photo books and scrapbooks, custom photo slideshows make unique, personalized gifts any recipient will love. They're especially great for friends and relatives who live far away such as grandparents or in-laws.

To Enjoy Your Favorite Photos

One of the best things about picture slideshows is that you don't need any special reason to create one. Put together a photo slideshow as a fun way to enjoy your favorite photographs and relive your favorite memories with family and friends.

Choose the best free photo slideshow software and start creating a photo slideshow now!

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